Class 2nd

The Central Board of Secondary Education holds the title of India’s most prominent national educational board and has successfully generated syllabi that guarantee a bright future. The CBSE class 2 syllabus 2023-24 has been modified, keeping in mind the learning capability of a 2nd grader

Class 2 Syllabus

After Class 1, Class 2 is the second most crucial grade where students start using and questioning their minds. The acceleration happens on a second level. A prestigious educational body, CBSE has made sure to formulate a syllabus that brings growth, development, interest, fun, and joy to the second graders.

EnglishThe NCERT books that are followed by every school affiliated with CBSE provide the latest English syllabus for class 2, sectioned under two books: Marigold and Raindrops. The two textbooks consist of creative stories and poems that enthral the children when learning. The books are made attractive by adding beautiful pictures, and there are fun activities in-between that aim to keep the students engaged with learning.
MathematicsIt is that subject that requires a lot of practice. CBSE, being the biggest national educational board, has ensured to effectively get the students to practice mathematics questions through its comprehensive syllabus. The most fun-loving aspect of the Mathematics syllabus provided by CBSE is the NCERT book and its chapters.
HindiThe Hindi syllabus of class 2 provided by the CBSE board includes 15 chapters that comprise poetry and stories that are both exciting and valuable. The syllabus has been designed to teach the Hindi language, but the chapters also consist of moral values that help the students become more aware. The motto of the CBSE board is to make learning easy no matter what the subject is and CBSE has been rightfully proving it as well.

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